FireProtect 2 honored with an Honorable GIT Security Award 2024

FireProtect 2 récompensé par un Honorable GIT Security Award 2024
Eric Cooremans

Ajax Systems' FireProtect 2, a wireless fire detector with heat, smoke and CO sensors, has won the esteemed GIT Security Award 2024. The product was named the winner in the Fire Protection category. fire.

Designed to comply with EN 14604 and EN 50291, FireProtect 2 is the next generation of Ajax fire detectors, offering a new level of technology in fire safety. The detectors' unique smoke chamber requires no regular cleaning, the dual-spectrum sensor distinguishes smoke from steam, the thermistor responds quickly to burning synthetic materials, and sophisticated software minimizes false alarms.

The app's design, layout, and settings make installing FireProtect 2 quick and easy. The detector can operate standalone or as part of the Ajax system, communicating with the hub via the Jeweler radio protocol (up to 1700 m).

We are delighted to receive the GIT Security Award again, this time for our new fire detection solution. Encouraged by global standards and best practices, Ajax engineers developed a patented smoke chamber for FireProtect 2, designed without any possibility of contamination that could affect detection. Equipped with a dual-spectrum optical sensor and a proprietary HazeFlow 2 smoke detection algorithm, FireProtect 2 ensures both the speed and ultimate accuracy of fire detection and marks a new technological level in fire safety residential.
Valentine Hrytsenko, CMO of Ajax Systems
The GIT Security Award is an annual reader-voted award presented by Wiley-VCH Publishing. Readers and users of their various magazines, as well as other market participants around the world, vote online to select the products that have the most significant innovation, best use and strongest unique selling proposition . Last year, Ajax's MotionCam Outdoor detector was also recognized as one of the 2023 GIT Security Award winners.

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