Protection against any threat

The Baseline product line includes devices intended to protect private and commercial property against water leaks. Our innovative technical solutions have allowed us to place advanced features with great autonomy in the compact dimensions of our wireless water leak detection and prevention devices.

Not a drop of trouble

WaterStop automatically shuts off the water in 5 seconds on a site equipped with an Ajax security system if leaksProtect or a third-party water leak detector is triggered. The device combines a quality valve and a powerful electric motor. You can control WaterStop and check its status from anywhere in the world: all you need is an internet connection and an Ajax application. You can also create a scenario to turn off the water at a specific time or when arming the system.

Hazard Notifications

Ajax fire detectors are equipped with a powerful 85 dB siren. For each alarm or event, the detector emits impossible-to-ignore sounds with different patterns, making it easy to recognize the type of threat and react accordingly. All fire detectors can signal the fire simultaneously: it only takes about 20 seconds to trigger the interconnected alarm. As part of the Ajax system, critical alarms and alerts are also sent from the Ajax mobile and desktop applications, which notify users and central monitoring stations of danger.

FireProtect 2 détecteur incendie et de chaleur Détecteur AjaxSystems

Compliance with strict fire safety standards

The Ajax product portfolio includes a wide range of fire detectors with different types of sensors and different battery options to meet all market demands. Detectors are available with heat, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, separately or combined in a single housing. Each device can operate for 10 years with the built-in batteries or up to 7 years with the replaceable batteries. Everything complies with the most important fire safety standards: Ajax fire detectors comply with EN 14604:2005/AC:2008, EN 50291-1:2018 and Q mark.

Reliable wireless technologies

The Ajax system uses secure two-way radio communications based on the proprietary Jeweler protocol. It supports block encryption and device authentication for each session with the panel to prevent sabotage, spoofing or data theft. The automatic power consumption control makes it energy efficient, since it does not always use the maximum power of the radio transmitters of the system devices. The device is also more stable because it uses radio frequencies with less interference. Ajax power stations use frequency hopping to protect against radio interference and signal interception. The system automatically changes frequency within a band and notifies the security company and users of the jamming.

Ajax LeakProtect & WaterStop

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