Ajax Systems wins two awards in the SecurityInfoWatch.com Readers' Choice Awards in the United States

Ajax Systems remporte deux prix dans le cadre des SecurityInfoWatch.com Readers' Choice Awards aux États-Unis
Eric Cooremans

The best products are announced on the leading industry portal, after more than 1,800 security professionals participate in an online vote

Ajax Systems is pleased to announce that its FireProtect 2 (Heat/Smoke/CO) wireless fire detector has been voted Best Product in the Fire & Life Safety category and that the MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Detector has been nominated best product in the Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Security category at the SecurityInfoWatch.com Readers' Choice Awards in the United States.

The SecurityInfoWatch Readers' Choice Awards recognize the physical security industry's most impactful products launched over the past year in 15 different categories. The choice of participants is made by the people who use and install these products every day. In total, more than 1,800 security professionals participated in the 2023 vote.

These are our first awards from the American security professional community. We are particularly pleased to see the US market warmly welcoming Ajax's groundbreaking technologies and innovations. Our team works tirelessly to adapt the product to the needs and requirements of the region, as well as to make the system compatible with local standards. The expertise of American security specialists is priceless to us and we are deeply grateful for their support and today's victory. Valentin Hrytsenko, General Director of Marketing at Ajax Systems

FireProtect 2 is the new generation of Ajax fire detectors, offering a whole new level of quality in the field of fire safety. The unique optical chamber requires no regular cleaning, the dual-spectrum sensor distinguishes smoke from steam, the thermistor responds quickly to burning synthetic materials, and sophisticated software minimizes nuisance triggering. The detector can operate autonomously or be part of the Ajax system, communicating with the control panel via the Jeweler radio protocol (up to 1700 m).

MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) is a wireless outdoor motion detector that takes photos when alarmed and on demand. Instant and precise detection of intrusions, very low energy consumption, clear photos in all weather conditions, day and night: everything is there to guarantee superior outdoor security. Thanks to the visual evidence available in Ajax applications, the monitoring center can quickly verify whether the threat is real and respond accordingly. Resolving doubt allows users to free themselves from worry and security companies to avoid unwarranted patrol calls.

Ajax Systems officially entered the US market in 2022. Today, it is one of the company's strategic priority markets that generates high sales and provides significant feedback from the professional community. Today, North America is one of Ajax's main strategic regions.

This award is the fourth awarded to Ajax Systems in 2023. Earlier this year, the company and its products were recognized by the Australian Security Industry Awards , GIT Security Award , PSI Premier Awards . Additionally, Ajax Systems has also been shortlisted for the upcoming Security & Fire Excellence Awards in four categories.

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