Ajax Systems wireless sirens

Indoor and outdoor sirens from Ajax Systems.

A siren is the only element of the system that should attract attention.

That's why it's the first thing intruders try to disable.

Ajax wireless sirens are vandal-proof and have a loud buzzer capable of attracting the attention of an entire neighborhood.

A loud buzzer and LED light, a weatherproof housing and a built-in accelerometer that notifies when attempting to disassemble the siren.

All of these essentials are combined in this wireless outdoor siren to provide protection for a cottage, home or office.

The indoor siren's compact and minimalist housing contains a powerful buzzer and an anti-tamper system, which warns if the siren is removed from its holder. Ajax sirens also serve as a system status indicator, allow entry-exit delays.

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Operation in all conditions

Ajax outdoor sirens withstand heat, cold and strong winds without any difficulty. They operate over a temperature range of -25°C to +60°C, and the housing has an IP54 protection rating. Any attempt to remove the outdoor siren from its support triggers an alarm, thanks to the integrated anti-tamper button and accelerometer. The wireless sirens are completely autonomous and remain active even if the power is cut.

The disable button is locked in armed mode.

The built-in batteries last for several years and the siren notifies in advance when they need to be replaced.

The wired outdoor sirens are equipped with a backup battery, so even if the Fibra line fails, the siren continues to trigger the alarm.


In addition to a loud buzzer, Ajax sirens have functions that make using the security system even more user-friendly.

The LED indicates if the system is armed and the siren can signal arming and disarming delays.

By activating the Entry Chime feature, system users receive an audible notification of door openings when the system is disarmed.

The flexible settings of the mobile and PC application make it possible not to disturb the neighbors with every little problem. You can, for example, set the system so that the siren is triggered in the event of an intrusion or fire, but not in the event of a water leak.