Ajax Systems integration modules

Ajax integration modules, or how to extend and communicate with other systems.

Thanks to the various integration modules of the Ajax Systems range, you open up your alarm systems to connection with third-party detectors.

These make it possible to integrate Ajax devices into other systems.

The Ajax MultiTransmitterMore features.

How to modernize old wired sensors and make them communicate with your Ajax App? This is the role of the ajax MultiTRansmitter.
Perimeter IR detectors, household gas sensors, thermostats, float sensors and other devices can now extend their area of ​​use of the Ajax system.
Connect them to a hub via MultiTransmitter and manage your combined security system using the Ajax app.

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Give a second life to existing wired alarm systems

We know that making the decision to upgrade a wired alarm system is complicated. It's quite common to see a security system that still offers good protection, but is clearly outdated. When you modernize a system with Ajax, you don't have to replace existing equipment. This allows you to have a complex and modern security system with wired devices already installed.

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