The Ajax Systems Hub

The Ajax Hub is the central part of the intelligent security system.

The Ajax hub serves as a means of communication between all the devices in the system, it instantly notifies users and remote monitoring centers when an alarm is triggered.

Multiple communication networks ensure stable communication even when there is interference, power or internet failure.

All Ajax hubs are equipped with a backup battery offering up to 16 hours of autonomy without mains power supply.

With the addition of a low-voltage power supply and external battery, the hub's battery life can be extended for weeks or even months.

The hubs do not have a keyboard, the management and configuration of the system is done through the Ajax application.

Hubs can support up to 64 automation scenarios.

These make it possible to plan changes to security modes, reduce routine actions and actively counter threats.

Ajax Hub

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Regular updates

Thanks to software updates, the control units regularly receive new functionalities.

They ensure the evolution of the security system, support for new devices and optimize the user experience.

Updates install automatically, remotely, when the system is disarmed.

And yes, it's free.

Software protected against piracy

Ajax system alarm panels run on OS Malevich, a proprietary real-time operating system.

OS Malevich is protected against cyberattacks and viruses.

This type of software is used to control the brakes of cars and spaceships, which demonstrates the reliability of the Ajax system against errors.

Steady communication

The control unit guarantees the transmission of alarms and photos of an installation via one of the available communication networks.

Depending on the model, the control unit can have a maximum of 4 networks: Ethernet, Wi-Fi and two SIM cards.

They operate simultaneously and switch in an emergency.

Switching between communication paths takes a few seconds.
Jeweler and Wings are proprietary radio technologies, which enable reliable data encryption when communicating between devices.

In case of interference or attempted jamming, Ajax modifies the radio frequency, and informs users and the remote monitoring center of the situation.

To control communication with wired devices, the control units use the Fibra protocol, a digital generation wired technology.

Fibra combines the reliability of wires with the freedom offered by radio communication.