Ajax Systems signal extension modules

The Ajax radio signal range extension modules.

You can extend the reach of your system easily with Signal Range Extenders.

these are very useful for connecting devices to the Ajax system in multi-storey buildings or in a building with an annex that is separate or far from the hub.

ReX guarantees a security system with a stable connection between different devices, providing complete and flawless protection.

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Can replace the hub in an emergency

Devices connected via range extender form an autonomous group in the system. Even if the hub is damaged or the connection is lost, the range extender will sound an alarm and siren to attract attention.

Protects at all levels

Range Extenders runs on OS Malevich, the real-time operating system that also runs Ajax hubs. The operating system ensures their perfect compatibility. OS Malevich is protected against cyberattacks and resistant to hacking, and all transmitted data is encrypted. Even in the event of a sudden power failure, Range Extender can operate for up to 38 hours.