Ajax Systems detectors

Ajax motion detectors are the basis of the intelligent security system.

Wireless detectors that warn the owner at the first signs of intrusion at home or in the office.

The detectors immediately identify threats: opening doors, opening windows and the presence of intruders inside.
And with the help of MotionCam motion detector, you will see the cause of the alarm in the photo.

The range of ajax detectors for alarm systems includes different models to meet all your home security needs.

They are available in white or black.

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Works with third-party devices

The GlassProtect Jeweler and GlassProtect Fibra glass breakage detectors are equipped with terminals for connecting third-party devices with an NC (normally closed) type contact.

It can be any type of sensor: movement, opening, vibration.

Easy Setup

No disassembly is required to configure Ajax glass breakage detectors.

Connection to the system and configuration is done via the mobile or PC application, where users can also create automation scenarios.

For example, you can program the automatic closing of roller shutters in the event of a broken window.

Uses reliable communication technology

The wireless glass break detectors and control units communicate via the Jeweler radio protocol.

It is a TDMA technology with strong encryption.

In the event of radio interference or attempted jamming, the Ajax system switches the radio frequency and warns the users and the remote monitoring center of the situation.

And to control communication with wired devices, the control units use the Fibra protocol, a digital generation wired technology.

Fibra combines the reliability of wires with the freedom offered by radio communication.