Ajax Systems magnetic contacts

Ajax magnetic contacts are the basis of the intelligent security system.

The wireless magnetic contacts that warn the owner at the first signs of intrusion at home or in the office.

Detectors immediately identify threats: opening doors, opening windows.

The range of ajax contacts for alarm systems includes two models to meet all your home security needs, including one with a shock sensor, the Ajax DoorProtect Plus.

They are, like the rest of the range, available in white or black.

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Detect intruders before they even enter a premises

In addition to the magnetic sensor function, Ajax opening detectors can detect strong vibrations, register a change in the angle of inclination and receive signals from third-party wired sensors.

The alarm is triggered if someone tries to break in or dismantle your door.

By installing a limit switch in the door frame and vibration sensor, you will get a hidden door lock alarm.

Combine safety and comfort

The sensor's built-in accelerometer allows you to ventilate your rooms with conventional windows or skylights.

If the angle of the window changes more than 5°, the security system will trigger and call a patrol from the security company.

Make third-party sensors smart

With DoorProtect Plus Jeweler or DoorProtect Plus Fibra, you can integrate a roller shutter motion detector into the Ajax security system and set the conditions that will trigger the alarm in the mobile app.