Ajax Systems alarm control

Control systems and panic buttons for Ajax Hubs

Ajax alarm systems can be managed via the app or using an alarm remote control or a numeric keypad.

They have been designed to make managing your system as convenient as possible.

The protection against accidental presses, the confirmation of the execution of commands and the elegant design transform this simple remote control for alarm into a must-have accessory.

All control systems in the Ajax range are protected against unauthorized access attempts and signal interception, plus the app notifies you when and by whom the system has been deactivated via notification.

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Flexible settings

Assign access to SpaceControl to a single user or a specific security group to restrict access to other rooms. The settings of this little gem of technology go far beyond those of an ordinary alarm keypad with personal access codes, room-by-room system control, brightness and volume settings, and a duress code that enables a silent alarm to be activated if the system is duress disabled.

Additionally, Ajax keypads support passcodes for people who are not added to the panel. This is useful, for example, to grant a cleaning company access to security management.


Press Button in panic mode to send an immediate assistance request.

Set the type of alarm to notify the central station and system users of your circumstances. Available alarm types include medical emergency, fire, gas leak, intrusion or panic button.

In control mode, Button becomes the home automation system actuator capable of controlling automation scenarios.

With just one click, he can turn off the lights, start the household appliances, lower the shutters or open a gate.