Automation Ajax Systems

Ajax and home automation becomes playful.

Home automation devices transform your anti-intrusion system into a home automation control system that will manage the security of your home independently.

Smart sockets and relays can perform daily and automated tasks.

Open the garage door, turn on the boiler or heating, turn off the lights, lock the electric locks, cut off the water supply, you can perform all these actions with a single click in the app, or program using a script.

Built-in energy consumption meters allow you to track energy consumption in real time.

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Free yourself from routine actions

Use different types of scenarios to make your life more comfortable. They will allow you to automatically light up your office, when you arm your security system or to start a projector, when an intruder is detected in your garden, or to program an automatic flood detection system, which will cut off the water supply as soon as a leak is detected.

Easy Setup

Smart sockets and smart relays communicate with the control panel via the secure Jeweler radio protocol. Jeweler's communication reach is unmatched; it encrypts the signal and constantly monitors your devices. All our home automation devices are protected against voltage drops, overcurrents and overheating, which prevents damage to your household appliances. The programmed automation scenarios are executed by the control panel even if you do not have an internet connection.

Eye for detail

We have worked hard to reduce the size of Ajax smart sockets and relays, while preserving their versatility. The socket does not interfere with the connection of an extension cord nearby and the power relays can be freely installed in most sockets. To prevent children from inserting their fingers or a screwdriver, the inlets of our sockets all have a special shutter which additionally protects against dust and splashes.