MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors supporting photos on demand

Les détecteurs MotionCam et MotionCam Outdoor prenant en charge les photos sur demande
Eric Cooremans

MotionCam (PhOD) Jeweler And MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweler expands the range of motion detectors with a camera to visually verify alarms. In addition to photos per alarm, these two new detector models can take photos on user request or per alarm from any other device in the system. PhOD detectors are sold separately and have special marking on packaging and Ajax applications.

Ajax users can now use updated privacy settings to limit access to visual data in the security system. The new menu Privacy allows you to define when users can request photos (when the system is armed or at any time) and determine which users can make such a request, view the photos or watch the feeds from the integrated surveillance cameras.

The new Privacy settings are available with the update of Ajax applications and Malevich OS 2.13 . The MotionCam (PhOD) Jeweler and MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweler detectors are already available to order from authorized partners of Ajax Systems.

The story

Photo verification has already become the norm in the security sector. Motion detectors that visually verify alarms, even if the security system only works through the cellular network and without external power, have, as expected, become widespread. We see this not only in partner feedback, but also in sales growth. Since the release of the MotionCam (2019) and MotionCam Outdoor (2021) detectors, the number of devices sold worldwide has reached one million units.

According to testimonials from our customers , these detectors protect homes, hospitals, schools, manufacturing sites, museums and other completely different properties. Some remote monitoring centers and some police departments indicate that the number of patrols sent out caused by untimely triggering has decreased by 95% thanks to photo doubt removal. MotionCam is not only loved by users but also has received international recognition security experts.

This success is based on a practical function of visual verification and on the complete confidence of the users. From the beginning, MotionCam detectors only took and sent photos when there was an alarm, when they detected movement. The idea was to build the software architecture of the detector to prevent the intervention of a third party and the activation of the camera on demand. From activating the camera to viewing a series of photos in the app, the whole process is as secure as possible. Visual data is protected by encryption during transmission and storage, it is not processed or analyzed on the server, and every detector operation is logged.

Thanks to this approach, the detectors gained the user's trust, but only one Photo functionality per alarm seemed insufficient. The photo-on-demand feature has been an explicit market demand, primarily from the professional community.

A professional approach to Photo on Demand

Photo on Demand not only allows the end user to verify that everything is in order in a site, but it is also designed for wide professional use. The new detectors allow trusted PRO accounts to take photos to monitor alarms and verify events for monitoring purposes or to configure the camera during installation.

To use the function, simply create a scenario in the MotionCam settings (PhOD).

The photo-by-scenario feature was born out of demand for photo verification of fire alarms. The request came from our partners in Norway , where we implemented a joint fire protection project for a listed site in UNESCO world heritage . And this is not the first project using Norwegian expertise to improve fire detection in an Ajax security system. In OS Malevich 2.10 , we have collaborated to implement the Interconnected Alarm Delay feature in the FireProtect range.

Full privacy control

With MotionCam (PhOD) Jeweler and MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweler, we have taken a step forward in terms of privacy protection and access to visual data. We created the menu Privacy in the central settings to help Ajax users to properly control the Photo on Demand feature.

The new menu Privacy allows users to limit their access to visual data in the Ajax system.

The new menu allows users with administrative rights to determine which users have access to photos from detectors and videos from built-in surveillance cameras. A PRO account (eg an installer) does not have access to these settings, but the panel administrator can authorize him to use the Photo on demand function. By default, the feature is disabled for all users.

The panel administrator can limit access to the feature depending on the security system mode, allowing the user to take photos on demand only when the detector is armed. The photo taking process is completely transparent. If a particular detector takes a photo – all users get notifications and see who requested it. And what's important – only users with access can see the photos.

Along with the ultimate protection for Ajax applications including biometrics and passcodes, two-factor authentication and default session control, the new menu Privacy adds another layer of protection for Ajax security users.

👉 How to secure your Ajax account

How to start using Photo on Demand

This feature is only available with the new MotionCam (PhOD) Jeweler and MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweler detectors. Non-PhOD detector models do not support this function, regardless of firmware version.

Updated privacy settings are available with OS Malevich version 2.13 and the following app versions:

  • Ajax Security System 2.20.1 for iOS
  • Ajax Security System 2.23.1 for Android
  • Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers 1.14.1 for iOS
  • Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers 1.14.1 for Android
  • Ajax PRO Desktop 3.2 for macOS
  • Ajax PRO Desktop 3.2 for Windows
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