The KeyPad TouchScreen: Ajax system management

Le KeyPad TouchScreen  : Gestion du système Ajax
Eric Cooremans
Ajax Keypad TouchScreen
Ajax Systems is proud to present the product that seamlessly merges smart home device security and management. Take charge of your smart home security easily and confidently with the KeyPad TouchScreen, now available in the market.
This solution has an intuitive interface similar to the Ajax application, an IPS touchscreen and high-end security features, including DESFire® and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies.
One of the main advantages of the KeyPad TouchScreen is the ease of managing security groups. Users can view and control multiple security groups with a single touch, making it easy to arm and disarm different sections of their property. The device also supports audible notifications for alarms, delays, and door openings, providing users with instant updates on their system status.

The device's robust security features, such as duress code, protection against code guessing and unauthorized device access, tamper alarms, data encryption, and protection against data theft, ensure that only authorized users can access the system. With the ability to use Smartphones, Pass Cards, Tag Remotes and Personal Access Codes, the KeyPad TouchScreen offers three convenient authentication methods.

Key Features:

  • 5-inch screen with black and white themes and automatic brightness adjustment

  • Proximity sensor for automatic activation of the keyboard when a hand approaches

  • Control keypad for automation devices, with space for up to 6 buttons

  • Buzzer, to receive notifications in case of alarm, door opening, entry/exit delay and other events

  • Adjustable panic buttons to report an alarm, fire or auxiliary event

The KeyPad TouchScreen offers diverse power options, allowing it to operate for up to a year and a half using pre-installed batteries or from a 12 V⎓ power supply with batteries as backup. Its wireless technologies, Jeweler and Wings, provide reliable and encrypted two-way radio communication with the Ajax hub, with a communication range of up to 1700 meters. Plus, the new keyboard will always be up to date with automatic firmware updates.

Compatible Hubs: Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus

Learn more about KeyPad TouchScreen:

Ajax product page

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