KeyPad Plus: new keyboard for Ajax alarm

KeyPad Plus : nouveau clavier pour alarme Ajax
Eric Cooremans


With KeyPad Plus users of Ajax systems can benefit from contactless identification quickly and reliably. To change the security mode, the user only needs to pass one of the access devices; the Pass card or the Tag key fob , in front of the keypad. These access devices are protected against counterfeiting and can be connected to several security systems. KeyPad Plus is a convenient solution for accessing your home or office, access codes and false alarms are now history.


KeyPad Plus uses the best wireless identification technology on the market. Each Pass and each Tag is equipped with an authentic DESFire® chip. This technology is used for the transfer of European capital and for access to NASA systems. The access device only transmits data to the keypad after an instant authentication session. The transmitted data is encrypted using the AES algorithm, and it would take millions of years to crack it.

AjaxPass and AjaxTag

The system administrator has full control over the activity and access permissions of each Pass and Tag . The Ajax application allows you to instantly limit, extend, or block a user's access to the real-time security system. Pass and Tag can also be assigned to a specific user who has predefined permissions to manage individual groups of the system, or the entire site system. Each arming or disarming is recorded in the event log.

A universal key and visitor access

KeyPad Plus lets you manage multiple security systems with a single access device. Its built-in memory is enough to save the credentials of 13 hubs, the access devices become universal keys capable of managing the security systems of offices, apartments, houses and warehouses.

Ajax systems can support up to 200 Tags or Passes . No need to create new accounts for new users, just name the device and set access permissions. Everything is done with a few clicks in the Ajax application . KeyPad Plus is therefore a practical solution for offices and makes it possible to grant access to the management of the system to temporary workers or external staff.

Exceptional autonomy and anti-sabotage system

KeyPad Plus features the latest firmware and super high capacity batteries. The combination of these two features allows the keypad to operate for 3.5 years on a single set of batteries, even if the contactless identification function is used daily. And if the card and key fob reader is deactivated, this autonomy can reach 4.5 years.

The new keypad also has passcode hacking protection, and if someone tries to use an invalid access device, an alarm is triggered by the system. If someone tries to force the user to enter their access code, the duress code allows a silent alarm to be transmitted to the monitoring station without exposing them by triggering a siren or the application. The attackers will think that they are not threatened. But other users and the remote monitoring center will be informed instantly.

KeyPad Plus

KeyPad Plus has inherited all the features most appreciated by users: the simplicity of the connection via the application, the easy mounting with the SmartBracket mounting bracket, the remote configuration, and the low maintenance it requires.

At the same time, in terms of use KeyPad Plus is a revolutionary wireless keyboard. We are confident that our users will appreciate the minimalist design and versatility of the touchless system management, and owners and industry professionals will appreciate the real-time access control and reliability of the device.

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