ColorVu - Night Color Video Technology by Hikvision

ColorVu - Technologie de vidéo en couleur de nuit par Hikvision
Eric Cooremans

Discover the latest ColorVu technology from Hikvision

An even sharper image with more vivid colors, 24 hours a day.

Traditional video cameras provide black and white images, which can be grainy and blurry in low light environments. To help bolster 24/7 security, Hikvision has created its ColorVu technology, which provides organizations with high-resolution, full-color images even in near darkness.

Acusenses meets ColorVu

Combining ColorVu technology with AcuSense , these cameras capture human & vehicle targets in vivid color. Connected to Hikvision's core products, users will enjoy detailed video playback and efficient footage searches.

Models equipped with the Live Guard feature deter intruders with on-site visual and auditory warnings while sending notifications to remote users. They respond immediately to intrusions during events to prevent loss and provide recorded evidence after the event. Additionally, audio alarms can be customized in different languages ​​for different scenarios.

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