Hikvision alarm Ax Pro new range of outdoor detectors

Hikvision alarme Ax Pro nouvelle gamme de détecteurs pour l’extérieur
Eric Cooremans

Hikvision has launched a number of new wireless outdoor detectors in the AX PRO alarm range.

Hikvision ax pro outdoor detectors - Techniconcept Security

Two new curtain detectors, a TriTech detector with optional camera module and a magnetic contact have been launched for the Ax Pro alarm system.
The new models are waterproof to IP65 or IP66 standard and are designed for outdoor applications.

Curtain detectors and magnetic contact
The two new anti-mask curtain detectors are presented in the same housing and have a range of 10M when mounted on the wall and 5M when mounted on the ceiling.

One model is a PIR detector, the other a dual PIR + MW detector. The new magnetic contact features front and back tamper protection and a slim design for easy installation.

Ax pro Hikvision outdoor curtain detectors - Techniconcept Security

TriTech motion detector and optional camera module for Ax Pro alarm control panel
The TriTech motion detector is equipped with an AIR anti-mask and has front and rear tamper protection.

This motion detector can be supplemented with the optional camera module, which can be easily mounted on the detector.

The integrated camera provides an ideal solution for video verification through live images.

Hikvision ax pro outdoor detectors - Techniconcept Security

All detectors can be configured remotely through the Hivksion app.

About Hikvision's AX PRO
Hikvision's AX PRO is a high-end wireless video and intrusion system for residential and commercial applications.
Composed of a central panel and a wide range of detectors and peripherals, AX PRO is revolutionary both in terms of technology and design.

The AX PRO includes a host of impressive features, including Tri-X wireless technology, IVaaS (Intruder Verification as a Service), app compatibility, and a sleek design.

Experience the integration between alarm and video like never before

Hikvision Ax Pro - Techniconcept Security

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