Ajax FireProtect 2: precision through steam, dust and time!

Ajax FireProtect 2 : précision à travers la vapeur, la poussière et le temps !
Eric Cooremans

Ajax Systems introduces the new FireProtect 2 range and unveils the first release which includes seven models of fire detectors. Redesigned detectors feature a patented optical chamber that is dust and bug proof, thermistors that provide rapid detection of temperature rises, long battery life, and many other hardware and software improvements .

Detectors for every task
The FireProtect 2 range includes detectors in two housing types. Depending on their size, they are equipped with different combinations of sensors. Detectors with a larger housing are equipped with an optical chamber and a temperature sensor, and an advanced version also includes a CO sensor. The smaller ones have no optical chamber and have up to two sensors under the hood: a single temperature sensor, a single CO sensor or both.
Detectors have different battery options. RB models are equipped with replaceable batteries which provide up to 7 years of operation and SB models operate 10 years from sealed batteries (non-replaceable, requiring the replacement of the entire detector).

Ajax FireProctect 2 range

The first release of FireProtect 2
FireProtect 2 RB (Smoke / Heat) Smoke and heat detector with replaceable batteries
FireProtect 2 SB (Smoke / Heat) Smoke and heat detector with welded batteries
FireProtect 2 RB (Smoke / Heat / CO) Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detector with replaceable batteries
FireProtect 2 SB (Smoke / Heat / CO) Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detector with welded batteries
FireProtect 2 RB (Heat) CO detector with replaceable batteries
FireProtect 2 RB (CO) Carbon monoxide detector with replaceable batteries
FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/CO) Heat and carbon monoxide detector with replaceable batteries

Future-proof hardware
A team of dedicated developers spent a year reaching a whole new technological height in residential fire safety with FireProtect 2. They equipped the detectors with a unique, patented optical chamber, which is ultimately dustproof and impenetrable to insects – no need to clean it regularly. In the optical chamber, FireProtect 2 has a dual-spectrum optical sensor that can distinguish smoke from water vapor, thanks to blue and infrared LEDs.

Even if dust somehow enters and settles in the optical chamber, it does not affect detection. The optical system is designed in such a way that dust and insects cannot be in two beams simultaneously and thus cause an alarm. In addition, the updated HazeFlow 2 algorithm processes the data received from the sensors, reducing the risk of nuisance triggers to almost zero.
To quickly distinguish the rise in temperature, the detectors are equipped with two thermistors. They give a considerable advantage when synthetic materials burn. Thus, FireProtect 2, equipped with smoke and temperature sensors, is ready to detect a fire as quickly as possible, even if it starts imperceptibly.
The more advanced version – with an additional carbon monoxide sensor – detects CO concentration at a level of 50ppm. And the built-in 85dB buzzer alerts about high CO level with a different sound. The type of danger is therefore immediately clear.
With years of operation from replaceable or sealed batteries, FireProtect 2 provides accurate and robust fire safety.
Improved housing for the comfort of installers and users
The new detectors have inherited key Ajax features and received some notable improvements. As before, there is no need to disassemble the detector during installation. With an improved SmartBracket panel, an installer can effortlessly attach the detector and align it at 90 degree angles after mounting. Considering the square shape of the detector, it is a true perfectionist's dream.

Also, the button on the case to mute the alarm/tests has become large and mechanical. Users can squeeze it quickly even with a mop. On the housing, three LEDs indicate alarm, malfunction and normal operation of the detector.
The detectors have tamper buttons on the mounting bracket and optical chamber. Thus, the dismantling of the detector triggers an instant notification on the users' smartphones and an event sent to the remote monitoring center.
Technologies that save lives and nerves
FireProtect 2 detectors use time-tested security technologies. The Jeweler radio protocol establishes a secure, encrypted communication range with a control panel at a distance of up to 1,700 meters without a range extender . And twice as much with.

Regardless of the distance, communication is reliable and instantaneous. Alarms are transmitted instantly to all users and to the central monitoring station to which the system is connected. If one detector gives the alarm of a fire, the other fire detectors on the site can activate the built-in sounders in 20 seconds, which is three times faster than the standard requires. No chance of missing a fire alert, especially with the Ajax app.

Ajax apps bring the best fire safety user experience for installers and users. Detectors are paired with a system via the QR code and configured in the app. All detector information is available in real time wherever the Internet is available, and alerts are delivered via push notifications, SMS or calls.

FireProtect 2 APP

In the event of an alarm, the MotionCam (PhOD) or MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) motion detector can take a photo and send it for visual verification, adding an extra layer of protection against nuisance triggering.


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