The new standard in perimeter detection according to Ajax

La nouvelle norme en matière de détection des périmètres selon Ajax
Eric Cooremans

Ajax Systems - protection of external perimeters

Ajax has made wireless perimeter security more reliable, accurate and efficient with its three outdoor detectors.

These three detectors contain technology developed to analyze the correlation in the spectrum of received signals and to distinguish genuine intruders from false alarms.

Outdoor detectors are quick and easy to install with the SmartBracket mounting bracket; there is no need to disassemble the case for installation. All detectors are also equipped with an anti-masking and anti-tamper detection system.

Remote configuration from mobile app
To connect the device to the alarm system, just scan the detector's QR code from the mobile app. Device configuration is then taken care of from the app.

Immediate alarm activation
All Ajax devices are equipped with Jeweler radio communication technology, which makes it possible to establish communication up to 1700 meters and transmit the alarm signal in 0.15 seconds.

Intelligent LISA and ELSA filters to fight against false alarms
To combat false alarms, the detectors are equipped with an intelligent filter which analyzes and compares the signals received to determine if they represent a real threat.

The LISA algorithm performs two separate analyses:
A correlation analysis, which compares the shape of the signals from the two sensors and triggers the alarm if it finds similarities. A spectral analysis of the signal, which is triggered when the correlation analysis has identified no matches and which compares the frequency of the signals received by the two sensors.

On the other hand, the ELSA algorithm performs three different analyses:
Shape analysis compares waveforms of signals from IR sensors. Both shapes should match the movement of the intruder within the protected area, after adjusting the intensity of the signals to account for the distance from the sensors and the size of the object.

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