Ajax MotionCam Outdoor - Detect the intrusion before it happens

Ajax MotionCam Outdoor - Détecter l'intrusion avant qu'elle se produise
Eric Cooremans

MotionCam Outdoor

Alarms transmitted at the speed of light. And verified through video.

He knows how to recognize an intrusion as soon as an intruder sets foot on the protected ground, and confirms it with the help of a series of photos. Verification by photos makes it possible to check the situation instantly, which reassures users, and avoids unnecessary interventions by remote monitoring center teams.

Nothing escapes you

The combination of an advanced optical system, a super-fast processor, and an advanced software algorithm, allows MotionCam Outdoor to take detailed photos day or night, whatever the weather.
Ajax MotionCam Outdoor - Techniconcept Security

Intelligent false alarm filter

MotionCam Outdoor has two independent PIR sensors, whose signals are analyzed by a two-step LISA algorithm. As soon as the two sensors detect movement, LISA performs correlation and spectral analysis of the signals, which makes it possible to instantly differentiate between real threats and interference.

Multiple levels of sabotage protection

It is not possible to deactivate MotionCam Outdoor without an alarm going off, even if the system is disarmed. The detector is equipped with anti-masking sensors that respond if the lens is obstructed, covered, or painted.

In less than a minute, hub 1 detects the loss of connection with the detector and informs the remote monitoring center and the users of the problem. The moment MotionCam Outdoor is taken down, everyone knows about it.

A reliable security system, whatever the weather conditions

Ajax MotionCam Outdoor - Techniconcept Security

MotionCam Outdoor can withstand heat up to +60°С, and cold up to –25°С. And we have installed a special "Hood" designed to protect the sensors of the anti-masking system from rain and snow.
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