Ajax Alarm - Entry Chime

Ajax alarme - Carillon d’entrée, configurer le notifications d’entrée dans un système désarmé
Eric Cooremans

Ajax alarm - entry chime

Function Entrance chime, from the Ajax Systems alarm system, allows you to use an Ajax siren with an opening detector, which would replace a chime. She signals that someone has entered through the door.

ajax chimes malevich
The sound of the siren, HomeSiren or StreetSiren is short and different from the alarm, and its volume can be adjusted in the application. The siren has 4 signals to choose from, which makes it possible to differentiate the chime of each door. Once the Entry Chime feature is enabled, a blue bell icon will appear in the Ajax app, indicating that the feature is enabled. You can temporarily disable this feature by tapping the icon.

The Entry Chime function is available for sirens with firmware

Ajax HomeSiren — and higher
Ajax StreetSiren — and higher

Learn in this video how to configure this feature.

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